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Dr. Sabina Spiga
Laboratorio MDM
CNR-IMM, Unita' di Agrate Brianza
Via Olivetti, 2 - 20864
Agrate Brianza(MB) - Italy
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The project will take advantage from the complementary expertise of two Italian research groups. The MDM Laboratory, IMM-CNR contributes with its extended know-how in advanced materials and concepts for future nanoelectronic (memory) devices, and their structural/chemical/electrical characterization. The Politecnico of Milano (Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering Department;Laboratory of Surface Engineering and Nanostructures) has a strong background in metallic/oxide nanowires synthesis into AAO templates by electrochemical methods.


Laboratorio MDM, IMM-CNR

Research team:

Sabina Spiga, Researcher
(Project coordinator and CNR Principal Investigator)

Graziella Tallarida, Researcher

Elena Cianci, Researcher

Stefano Brivio, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Alberto Salinaro, Graduated Student

Politecnico di Milano

Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering Department
Laboratory of Surface Engineering and Nanostructures

Research team:

Silvia Franz, Assistant Professor
(POLIMI Principal investigator)

Massimiliano Bestetti, Assistant Professor

Daniele Perego, PhD student

Fahimeh Amiri, Undergraduated Student

Samuelle Bonelli, Undergraduated Student